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Page Title: Metabolic syndrome: How is it harmful to you?

Metabolic Syndrome is a Cluster of Health Risks

Metabolic syndrome includes various factors i.e. hypertension, cholesterol abnormalities, insulin resistance and increased risk of blood clotting. The individuals who are affected by this syndrome are often overweight or have high blood pressure and a higher cholesterol level. Metabolic syndrome is considered to be one of the huge factors when it comes to cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. It is also known as syndrome X, dysmetabolic syndrome, and insulin resistance syndrome.

The Metabolic Syndrome:

As far as the definition of this syndrome is concerned, it includes three major criteria that should be met by the affected individuals. These criteria are identified by National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute and the American Heart Association (AHA). The major points include the following:

  • The value of serum triglycerides must be 150 mg/dl or above.
  • The abdominal obesity will identify the amount of risk a person is facing. Risk increases with a waist circumference that is greater than 102 centimetres (40 inches) for men and for women, risk increases with a waist size greater than 88 centimetres (35 inches).
  • The value of HDL cholesterol must be lower than 40 mg/dl in men. For women, the value of HDL cholesterol must not increase to more than 50 mg/dl.
  • The fasting glucose level should be 100 mg/dl or above.
  • The blood pressure should not exceed 130/85.

The affected person must have at least three of the above mentioned points. With this identification, the current condition and the extent of the disease will be identified. It must be noted here that metabolic syndrome is becoming quite common. There are several factors contributing to this escalation and studies have identified that the cases of metabolic syndrome have increased 32% recently.

How is it threatening your life?

Life is short so you need to remain healthy. No matter how busy you are in your work or daily routine, you should spend some time for your care as well. In regards to your health, everything else is secondary and there should be a requirement to look after yourself in order to remain healthy.

There is a need to take metabolic syndrome seriously as it may be quite harmful to your well-being. It is considered to be a significant factor in the development to two major harmful diseases. This includes type 2 diabetes and heart issues. These two are considered to be the most chronic diseases. Apart from that, the following are potential health concerns for metabolic syndrome:

  • This syndrome is associated with accumulation of fat in the liver. The condition is also known as fatty liver. The result of this issue is inflammation and potential for cirrhosis.
  • Metabolic syndrome can affect kidneys to a greater extent. The association is in the form of microalbuminuria. This is a condition that particularly increases the leaking of protein into the urine. This is considered as a clear indication that the kidney of an individual is damaged.
  • Other problems that are associated with metabolic syndrome include polycystic ovary syndrome, sleep apnea, increased risk of dementia with the passing years and a significant decline in the mental and cognitive health of elderly people.

Diagnosis of metabolic syndrome:

For the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, all the symptoms associated with it should be considered. By keeping an eye on these symptoms, it will become easier to tackle the complications.

Treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome:

As metabolic syndrome is a group of diseases, its treatment cannot be specified. It may be accomplished by treating several diseases at one time. Several conditions would need to be addressed to treat this syndrome. However, apart from the medical procedures, there are some tips that can be followed to reduce the complications of this condition as explained below:

  • Consume healthy food: To avoid any health issues related to metabolic syndrome or any other health related issues, there is a need to consume healthy food. Every human body requires a specified amount of food intake. If the body is not provided with that specified amount with the proper nutrition, the chances of health risks increase. So, go for healthy eating habits.
  • Be active: The next most important thing that will help you in remaining healthy is your activity. A sedentary lifestyle will not benefit you in any way and movement is essential to keep the body healthy. There should be a requirement to go for a healthy daily routine that includes physical movement.
  • Lose some weight: Obesity and being overweight is associated with various health risks. This will have a serious implication in the health of the heart. This is why it is best to get rid of all the excess fat in your body. Losing weight is easier if you follow a healthy routine and monitor your food intake.
  • Quit smoking: Smoking is associated with several of the worst health conditions. This also plays a vital role in the development of metabolic syndrome which is why stopping it would be a good choice. If you are facing problems quitting, you can always consider hiring some professional help. In this case, you may have to follow a professional procedure in the form of therapy which may help you complete the task easier.
  • Effective management of stress: Due to the advancement of technology, we are living life at a faster pace. Due to this fast speed, stress has become a part of our life and it causes several health issues. To avoid them, there is a need to effectively manage stress.